Bates Drive School - Music Therapy


The music goes on at Bates Drive School

A generous $10,000 grant from Tradies Sutherland will once again enable students at Bates Drive School, a school for students with special needs, to join in an exciting and engaging Music Therapy program. 

The program is run by The Rhythm Village, specialist musicians who work with schools like Bates Drive to give children with physical and severe disabilities the ability to communicate through music and musical instruments and use music to unlock their hidden potential and capabilities. 

The program is generally run in group sessions, with each student being given the opportunity to create sound and music, to explore their own creativity and push their physical boundaries. Even the most disabled students are able to take part as the program is specifically tailored to each child. 

Music therapy offers the children a fun environment that helps in many areas of learning and function. Physically, by reaching for, and playing instruments; mentally by concentrating and taking turns; and emotionally by building rapport and trust with their teacher and classmates. This program provides the students with opportunities to be creative, expressive and motivated, and most importantly, to shine and enjoy life – which is fundamental for any child. 

The Music Therapy Program has proven to be hugely successful and the benefits are clearly definable with the students regulating their behaviours during the music sessions and building on their social and emotional capabilities. The grant from Tradies will see the amazing benefits from this program continue to be available to the children at Bates Drive School in 2020.

 From all the children, parents and teachers at Bates Drive School, and all of us at St George Children With Disabilities Fund, thank you Tradies.


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