SGCWDF Success Stories

How Our Funding Has Helped: 


The music goes on at Bates Drive School

A generous $10,000 grant from Tradies Sutherland will once again enable students at Bates Drive School, a school for students with special needs, to join in an exciting and engaging Music Therapy program.

From all the children, parents and teachers at Bates Drive School, and all of us at St George Children With Disabilities Fund, thank you Tradies..

More information here.

Assistance with an operation and travel costs for Sebastian

Sebastian is a 5-year-old boy who is diagnosed with severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

With the help of the Fund, Sebastian’s family was able to travel to America for him to have a life-changing operation. The operation has helped him to live a more comfortable and pain free life with the long-term goal of independent mobility.

The Fund is also assisting with Sebastian’s post operation therapy and equipment costs.

An iPad for Angel-Rose

Angel-Rose uses her iPad and switch interfaces to access communication applications. She activates the iPad using a head switch which builds on her independence to engage with others.

She especially likes telling jokes and shines with delight at the interactions she has. It brings pleasure to Angel-Rose’s parents when they see the joy this technology has brought her. They also benefit from the improvement in Angel-Rose’s communication skills

A special ramp for Ashleigh

Ashleigh is now able to access buildings and facilities that have steps. In the past a family member would have had to carry Ashleigh and her wheelchair separately into these places. This was always risky for both Ashleigh and the person carrying her.

The ramp has made access safer and has given her access to places that have enhanced Ashleigh’s social life - which she loves.

A beach wheelchair for Jake

Jake and his family love the beach, but as Jake was getting bigger being carried into the water was a strain on Dad – and a little embarrassing for him.

Now, with a beach wheelchair, Jake is able to get into the water much more easily. Being at the beach with his family is important to Jake, and his family is able once again to be part of the community enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures - a day at the beach.

Oscar’s relaxation chair 

Oscar can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed with the world. His school suggested a special chair could help him relax when this happens. These chairs are expensive but with the help of the Fund the family was able to purchase the chair which gives Oscar a safe, comfortable place to rock and relax.

Ryan’s life changing surgery

The Fund has supported Ryan and his family by making it possible for Ryan to have life changing surgery in the USA. This surgery has given Ryan the best chance of walking and living a pain free life.

Without the help of the Fund the surgery would have been a dream out of reach of Ryan’s family. 


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